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A bowl of pumpkin soup
A bowl of pumpkin soup item.png
General Information
Type :
Food; Meal
Stack size:
Base Cost :
Copper Coin20
Base Sell Price :
Copper Coin14
Consumable Information
Effects :
+energy20/+energy25/+energy30; Deep Sleep
Oven, Horadric
Technical Information
Internal name:

A bowl of pumpkin soup, not to be confused with pumpkin soup, is a craftable food item which restores a relatively small amount of energy and applies the 'Deep Sleep' buff when consumed. It can be made in the oven or purchased from Horadric in The Dead Horse. It's a complex craftable, in that it has various qualities dependent on the quality of ingredients. For more information, see cooking.

Quality levels[]

Copper Silver Gold

I bowl pumpkin.png
Copper Quality Star.png

I bowl pumpkin.png
Silver Quality Star.png

I bowl pumpkin.png
Gold Quality Star.png
+energy20 +energy25 +energy30


On use, this consumable will apply the 'Deep Sleep' buff for a duration of 2 minutes, allowing the player to regenerate more energy points when sleeping. For more information, see Effects.

Icon Description Duration Notes
Deep SLeep Energy regeneration during sleeping is increased. 2:00 Deep sleep


Item Produced Materials Required Cost
4xQuality animation.gif
A bowl of pumpkin soup
Jug of milk

2xQuality animation.gif
-Fuel Symbol.png10


NPC Quality Buy Tier Base Cost Qty Sell Tier Base Price Consumption
Horadric.pngHoradric Copper Star.png I Copper Coin20 17x I Copper Coin14 2x per day
(If >20x)