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Half of this technology tree deals with autopsies and the kind of organs you can get. It's unlocked by the tutorial.

The other half, the alchemy part is unlocked upon talking to the old woman in the swamp.

A very small part deals with zombies and is unlocked by talking to Gunter.

As you unlock more items along this tree you'll gain access to better autopsy techniques and resources, as well as more alchemical apparatuses and products.


This branch is unlocked through the tutorial by speaking to Gerry. For more information on the anatomical operations see Morgue.

Technology Prerequisite tech Cost Unlocks
First slice None Unlocked through the tutorial. Preparation place item.png Blueprint: Preparation place
Pallet item.png Blueprint: Pallet
Flesh item.png Extract: Flesh
Hardspares First slice Red Tech Point10 Green Tech Point5 Skull item.png Extract: Skull
Bone item.png Extract: Bone
Skin item.png Extract: Skin
Softspares First slice Red Tech Point10 Green Tech Point10 Blood item.png Extract: Blood
Fat item.png Extract: Fat
Gentle Butcher Hardspares +
Green Tech Point5 Blue Tech Point25 Butcher Perk: Butcher
Important parts Softspares Green Tech Point30 Brain item.png Extract: Brain
Heart item.png Extract: Heart
Intestine item.png Extract: Intestines
Anatomy II Important parts Red Tech Point50 Blue Tech Point30 Preparation place II item.png Blueprint: Preparation place II
Double pallet item.png Blueprint: Double pallet
Surgery Anatomy II Red Tech Point50 Green Tech Point150 Blue Tech Point50 Surgeon Perk: Surgeon
Dark Bodies Anatomy II Complete the Inquisitor's quest Dark brain item.png Extract: Dark brain
Dark heart item.png Extract: Dark heart
Dark intestine item.png Extract: Dark intestines
Cultist Dark Bodies Blue Tech Point300 Cultist Perk: Cultist
Embalming First Slice +
Embalming Liquids
Blue Tech Point10 Green Tech Point50 Embalming table item.png Blueprint: Embalming table
Mortuary rack item.png Blueprint: Mortuary rack
Prayer for repose item.png Recipe: Prayer for repose
Embalming II Embalming Blue Tech Point50 Green Tech Point10 Embalming table II item.png Blueprint: Embalming table II
Fridge pallet item.png Blueprint: Fridge pallet
Second chance None Talk to Gunter and search broken cabinet nearby.

Red Tech Point10 Blue Tech Point10

Resurrection table item.png Blueprint: Resurrection table
Zombie logistics Second chance Red Tech Point10 Green Tech Point10 Porter station item.png Blueprint: Porter station


This branch is unlocked after accepting the quest to restore Clotho's memory. For more information on the various processes see alchemy.

Technology Prerequisite tech Cost Unlocks
The Beginning Of Alchemy None Green Tech Point5 Alchemy mill item.png Blueprint: Alchemy mill
Alchemy workbench (tier I) item.png Blueprint: Alchemy workbench (tier I)
Hand mixer item.png Blueprint: Hand mixer
Embalming Liquids The Beginning Of Alchemy Green Tech Point30 Blue Tech Point10 Church workbench item.png Blueprint: Church workbench
Lye injection item.png Recipe: Lye injection
Acid injection item.png Recipe: Acid injection
Embalming Liquids II Embalming Liquids +
Advanced Alchemy
Green Tech Point50 Blue Tech Point20 Glue injection item.png Recipe: Glue injection
Preservative injection item.png Recipe: Preservative injection
Restore injection item.png Recipe: Restore injection
Embalming Liquids III Embalming Liquids II Green Tech Point80 Blue Tech Point30 Dark injection item.png Recipe: Dark injection
Silver injection item.png Recipe: Silver injection
Gold injection item.png Recipe: Gold injection
Alchemy Storage The Beginning Of Alchemy Red Tech Point10 Alchemy rack item.png Blueprint: Alchemy rack
Advanced Alchemy Alchemy Storage Green Tech Point20 Blue Tech Point20 Alchemy workbench (tier II) item.png Blueprint: Alchemy workbench (tier II)
Distillation cube item.png Blueprint: Distillation cube
Distillate Advanced Alchemy Green Tech Point30 Blue Tech Point30 Distillation cube II item.png Blueprint: Distillation cube II
Master of Alchemy Distillate Green Tech Point100 Blue Tech Point40 Scientist Perk: Scientist
Zombie Alchemy Workbench Distillate Red Tech Point15 Green Tech Point15 Blue Tech Point30 Zombie alchemy decomposer item.png Blueprint: Zombie alchemy decomposer
Zombie alchemy workbench item.png Blueprint: Zombie alchemy workbench