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This page is about the art of beekeeping.
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There are several locations in the game, where bees can be found:

  • The beekeeper in the western part of the village sells bees, honey and wax. There are also some (inaccessible) hives and two wild hives nearby.
  • The apiary (or beegarden) is northwest of your home. You can find two wild hives nearby. After some study and repair work, you can build your own hives there.
  • Scattered around the landscape, you'll find a lot of trees with wild bee hives in them. After some studies, honey, bees and wax can be harvested there. Most of them can be found in the forest near the river. Check the following map for locations.

Here is a map of all wild bee hive locations. The honeypots mark the spots. Click on the picture and then select "original size" to see more details:

Hive Locations.png

Bee Garden[]

The bee garden - or apiary - is located north of the graveyard on the hill. The workbench starts out damaged and needs to be repaired, requiring 4x wooden planks, 4x simple iron parts, and 2x clean paper. After the repair, seven spots are available for putting up hives.

Beekeeper Workbench[]

The workbench is used to create bee hives. It cannot be repaired until "bee domestication" has been researched. The repair costs:

Note that the amount of bees you'll need to build the hive varies from 10 to 20 depending on your version of the game. 10 is for PCs, 20 for consoles. (As of May 2020 PS4)(10 for xbox as of July 2020).

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For more information see beekeeper workbench and bee hive.