Graveyard Keeper Wiki

This technology tree deals with the production of knowledge and science. The early stages of the tree involve the basics of paper making and ink but later levels change how you can use stories to create more complex written resources for use in higher tier sermons and crafting.

It is unlocked by reaching Graveyard Rating 5, talking to the episcop and reopening the church.

Technology Prerequisite tech Cost Unlocks
Research None N/A
Speak with Episcop and re-open the church
Study table item.png Blueprint: Study table
Ruined book item.png Gathering: Old books
Curious Mind Perk: Curious Mind
Journalist Research Green Tech Point10 Blue Tech Point5
Speak with Ms. Charm
Journalist Perk: Journalist
Writing Research Red Tech Point5 Blue Tech Point5 Desk item.png Blueprint: Desk
Notes item.png Create: Notes
Chapter item.png Create: Chapter
Inventing Stories Writing Blue Tech Point25 Story item.png Create: Story
Random Text Generator Inventing Stories Green Tech Point15 Blue Tech Point20 Random text generator item.png Blueprint: Random text generator
Writing Tricks Inventing Stories Red Tech Point10 Blue Tech Point40 Prayer for imagination item.png Create: Prayer for imagination
Writer Perk: Writer
Books Writing Red Tech Point50 Blue Tech Point10 Softcover item.png Create: Softcover
Hard cover item.png Create: Hard cover
Gold book item.png Create: Book
Playwright Books Blue Tech Point150 Playwright Perk: Playwright
Paper Crafting Research Red Tech Point10 Church workbench item.png Blueprint: Church workbench
Pigskin paper item.png Create: Pigskin paper
Clean paper item.png Create: Clean paper
Writing Supplies Paper Crafting Red Tech Point10Green Tech Point5 Blue Tech Point5 Scrollshelf item.png Blueprint: Scrollshelf
Ink item.png Create: Ink
Pen and ink item.png Create: Pen and ink
Writer's Inspiration Writing Supplies Red Tech Point100 Blue Tech Point20 Bookshelf item.png Blueprint: Bookshelf
Desk II item.png Blueprint: Desk II
Paper Production Writer's Inspiration Red Tech Point50Green Tech Point20 Paper press item.png Blueprint: Paper press
Clean paper item.png Create: Clean paper
Paper glop item.png Create: Paper glop
A Simple Printing Press Paper Production Red Tech Point100 Blue Tech Point10 Printing press item.png Blueprint: Printing press
Flyer item.png Create: Flyer
Complex Printing Press A Simple Printing Press Red Tech Point100 Blue Tech Point50 Printing press II item.png Blueprint: Printing press II