Buffet tent

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Buffet tent
Buffet tent.gif
Basic information
Required Technology :
Talk with the inquisitor
Rotatable :
Witch Hill

This tent appears in the Inquisitor's quest. It comes complete with a storage tent, a market stall and four bar tables for the customers. It has a fixed place on Witch Hill and is not rotatable. It is only used during the witch burnings.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Icon Materials Required Energy Notes
Buffet tent item.png 5x
Hemp rope

Wooden plank


Working the Tent[edit | edit source]

  1. First you have to advance the quest until you are able to build it.
  2. Build the tent, check table below for the costs.
  3. Stock it with 5xItem star 3.png
    and 10xItem star 3.png
    A mug of beer
  4. On Wrath, visit the inquisitor to operate the tent and watch the cutscene. You will earn Silver Coin33 , 4x
    , and the achievement "Not a hot dog".
  5. Stock the tent and host a burning 3 time (max 1 per week) to earn additional Happiness with the inquisitor, money, and faith.
  6. Finally, the king forbids burnings and the tent has no use any more.