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Refugee cook.png
Basic Information
Location :
Refugee camp
Role :
Trade Information
Type of Goods :

Cook is the cook of the Refugee camp. She appears once you build the Fence Supplies For Garden area. She will appear and ask you for help. Through this conversation you gain the task of building her a kitchen.

Quests[edit | edit source]

She first asks you to build a kitchen at the camp, so that she does not get bored and said. This quest unlocks the ability to trade with her, but only the first two tiers are unlocked.

The next assignment is to improve the kitchen, so it feels more like home to her. With it, you gain the ability to build kitchen II.

After you built the kitchen II and spoke with her about it, she'll ask you to construct Beehives to sweeten the taste of the foods. (Only need to build 2 of the 3 to complete the quest) After finishing this quest, she gives you 3 recipes (
Recipe In Lentil We Trust
Recipe Vegetable set
Honey cake
) and unlocks the tier III trade option.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Tier I
Item Tech Qty Base Cost

Recipe Simple snacks
Recipe: Simple snacks 1 Silver Coin1
Tier II
Item Tech Qty Base Cost

Recipe Milk processing
Recipe: Milk processing 1 Silver Coin2 Copper Coin50

Recipe Vegetable set
Recipe: Vegetable set 1 Silver Coin3

Recipe In Lentil We Trust
Recipe: In Lentil We Trust 1 Silver Coin3 Copper Coin50
Tier III
Item Tech Qty Base Cost

Recipe Cheese dishes
Recipe: Cheese dishes 1 Silver Coin6 Copper Coin50

Recipe Patties
Recipe Patties 1 Silver Coin7 Copper Coin50

Recipe Jelly desserts
Recipe: Jelly desserts 1 Silver Coin8