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Basic Information
Location :
Village, Morgue
Role :
Day :
Lust Gluttony Envy Wrath Sloth

The Donkey is a talking work animal that drops off a corpse in front of the Morgue every some days. He has a cart that carries the corpse which is attached to him. When the Donkey arrives in front of the Morgue, a bell rings no matter where your character is in the game. He spawns somewhere east of the Village, and you can catch him traveling west towards the front of the Morgue.

After you gain access to the Church, the Donkey will show up to initiate his quest. During the conversation he will drop a "present" in the form of his poop. Do not clean it! If you step on top of it, your character will slide and move at a slightly faster pace, being very useful to travel. As long as you don't enter a building, interact with an NPC, or interact with the environment your character will continue sliding.


Carrots and Oil[]

After you re-open the Church, the Donkey sees that you are not his comrade and instead have become a capitalist. He goes on strike and demands that you bring him 10×
seed oil
to grease the cart's wheels before he will complete the delivery of his current corpse. He notifies you that he will only bring future corpses for the price of
, paid in advance. You can pay these carrots by storing 10 at a time in a box nearby the Morgue. He also tells you that he wants a day off and will no longer bring corpses on Pride.

Revolution (Game of Crone DLC)[]

Become an ally of Comrade Donkey and take part in the Revolution!

The first day after Donkey's strike, he will come inform you of the revolutionary plans of the ECoPoDP. He wants you to build a contraband box, create a Cookbook (crafted at the Desk), and provide
red apple
. The contraband box can be assembled right next to the Donkey's usual drop-off spot, no parts needed.

The reward for providing these items is
Bank checks
and the Revolutionary message 1

The Revolutionary message 1 the Donkey gives you, asks for
and Aphorisms about the evils of money (crafted at the Desk).

Go to bed when that's done and you'll find the in the Contraband Box the Revolutionary message 2 and
Pile of Components
, which you will need to craft the Donkey Combat Equipment which is a
Battle horseshoes
Iron unicorn horns
. You'll also have to bring a Item star 3.png
to Clotho and have her enchant it. She'll do it for the modest sum of Silver Coin50 . For the Donkey Combat Equipment, you will need to take the
Pile of Components
to Krezvold and give him Silver Coin50 . Wait for the next day, collect the
Battle horseshoes
Iron unicorn horns
and send it through the Contraband Box.

The day after you will find in the box only the Revolutionary message 3 with a request to deliver
Black paint
White paint
Jelly of incredible power
and a
Revolutionary donkey banner

Once all these items will be delivered the Donkey will inform you that the Revolution is over and reward you with an Ice Axe


  • In patch 1.400, Donkey gives Piece of donkey hair after receiving Revolutionary message 2.
  • As of patch 1.027, after its quest is completed, the Donkey no longer visits when its carrot crate is empty. The carrot crate used to show up but wouldn't deliver its corpse until carrots were added to the crate.
  • The Donkey will not deliver a corpse if you load the game after noon has passed. This is likely a bug.
  • Before making the carrot box, the donkey brings carcasses every 2 days, sleeping seems to affect this negatively (unconfirmed). After the construction of the carrot box it will deliver every day as long as the box is full.