Embalming table

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Embalming table
Embalming table.gif
Basic information
Required Technology :
Embalming (tier 1)

Embalming II (tier 2)

Related pages :
Morgue, Corpse, Alchemy
Building Information
Horizontal x Vertical :
Rotatable :

The embalming table, allows you to use various embalming fluids on a Corpse item.pngcorpse or on a Zombie item.pngzombie to change their properties. Those fluids are prepared on the church workbench and require
conical flasks
to be prepared, as well as various alchemical elements.

So, it's not really necessary to build this table, before you've learned how to smelt glass and how to build alchemical workstations.

When placing a corpse on an embalming table their decay is slowed down (tier 1) or stopped completely (tier 2). Each embalming table increases the Morgue Capacity by one. For more information about how corpse rating works see corpses and for more information about preparing bodies see the morgue.

Each injection type can only be use once per corpse, but similar types will stack like gold and silver.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Icon Materials Required Energy Notes
Embalming table item.png 8x
Wooden plank

Complex iron parts

Requires Embalming

Decay slowed down
Adds 1 Morgue Capacity

Embalming table II item.png 10x
Wooden plank

Steel parts

Advanced conical flasks
-energy12 Requires Embalming II
Decay completely stopped
Adds 1 Morgue Capacity
Applies fluids approx. twice as fast

Recipes[edit | edit source]

To use the table you throw a body on it and add the injection into the crafting window. The craft is automatic and takes time. Each type of injection can only be used once per corpse.

Note: Fluids, that reduce the amount of Red Skull (like silver and gold injections), need the corresponding red skulls to be present in the corpse, otherwise they can't be applied. In this case, remove some bodyparts on a preparation place first, that increase the number of Red Skull and apply the injection afterwards.

Item Produced Materials Required Notes
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Lye injection
+Red Skull +White Skull
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Acid injection
-Red Skull -White Skull
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Glue injection
+White Skull
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Restore injection
Halves body decay.
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Preservative injection
Halts body decay.
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Dark injection
+Red Skull Red Skull
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Silver injection
-Red Skull +White Skull
1xCorpse item.pngCorpse 1x
Gold injection
-Red Skull Red Skull +White Skull White Skull

Note: Skull count can be negative, meaning that if you have 11 white skulls, and -1 or less red skulls, you can use the lye injection to add a white skull, making it possible to add a total of +7 white skulls through preparation and embalming.