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Excellent fishing rod
Excellent fishing rod item.png
General Information
Type :
Fishing; Equipment
Stack size:
Base Cost :
Silver Coin5
Equipment stats
Energy per swing :
Efficiency :
Lighthouse Keeper
Study Information
Study reward:
Technical Information
Internal name:

The excellent fishing rod is a piece of equipment which, unlike most other tools, does not degrade with use. It's one of three fishing rods found in-game, any of which is required for fishing. It is provided by the Lighthouse Keeper, sold as a Tier III item for Silver Coin5 . It cannot be acquired through any other means, such as crafting, nor can it be studied.

Compared to the other fishing rods, this fishing rod is known as the "late-game rod", with the best efficiency, and while it can not catch all of the low-tier fish, it can catch all of the high-tier fish - unlike the 'Good' rod. In short, it's the best rod for catching the most valuable fish, yet it may fall short in regards to mid-and-low-tier varieties.

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