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Exhumation permission
Exhumation permission item.png
General Information
Stack size:
Base Cost :
Silver Coin1 Copper Coin75
Royal services

The exhumation permission can be purchased from royal services for a set price of Silver Coin1 Copper Coin75 , which is Copper Coin25 more than Horadric pays you for selling the
burial certificate

It is used to dig up Corpse item.pngcorpses from the graveyard, which you cannot do without this permission.

Exhuming a corpse

To exhume a corpse, you have first to remove all grave decorations, that's the gravestone and the grave fence. Then hit "E" to interact with the grave and select the "Exhume" button. You'll use up one permission for that.

After this, you have to use a shovel to dig up the Corpse item.pngcorpse. You can now take it to move it elsewhere.

Finally, you can now use the grave to bury another body, or remove it at the workbench and then fill it with dirt.