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Felling site
Felling site.png
Location information
Forest near the river

The felling site (aka the Saw Mill) is located near the path leading through the eastern half of the forest near the river. First, you just find a sign there. After unlocking Zombie Woodcutting, you are able to build a single, but complex sawmill.

With at least one Zombie item.pngzombie installed here, it provides an infinite Log item.pnglog supply.

Building Sign[]

Here is, where you first set up the sawmill.

This is how it looks before you build the sawmill: just a sign under a big tree

Blueprint Required Materials Notes
Start building sawmill item.png Start building sawmill 12x


Axe I
Requires Zombie Woodcutting

The sawmill with a zombie worker.

Huge Tree[]

The sawmill includes a huge tree (upper left corner). This is where you may put a Zombie item.pngzombie to work, which keeps on cutting down trees, until the timber stockpile overflows with Log item.pnglogs. This sign work blocked on the logs means, that the stockpile is full and the work is blocked until some storage space is freed up.

Timber Stockpile[]

Timber stockpile infobox.gif

The sawmill comes already complete with the stockpile (bottom middle). It has a capacity of 9xLog item.pnglog. You can deposit or remove logs manually here. The Zombie item.pngzombie also deposits its cut down logs there.

Porter Station[]

Porter station image.gif
Only logs can be transported

A porter station is also included in the sawmill (bottom right corner). It's used for Log item.pnglogs only. If you assign a Zombie item.pngzombie here, it hauls the logs back to the timber stockpile of your workyard. If both stockpiles are full, it hauls the log to and from without dropping it


The zombie is on the road
The zombie is back home

If you want to get the porter zombie off its work, you can deselect the logs and wait until it's back to the station. It enters there and waits for further commands. You can then hit "E" to get it off the station.

The other possibility is to intercept the porter zombie, stand in its way, and talk to it by hitting "E". In this case, the porter drops all the logs it is currently hauling around.

To get rid of the woodcutter, stand right behind it and hit "E".