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Basic Information
Location :
Morgue, Workyard
Role :

Gerry is an NPC who is found buried behind your home. He guides you though your first days as graveyard keeper. After the tutorial he stays in the morgue and gives alcohol quests.


Get Gerry Beer[]

Gerry requests beer which requires you to find Horadric in the village at the tavern. You can buy a Item star 1.png
A mug of beer
(must be Copper Quality) or use the beer you earned as a reward for delivering Blacksmith's letter. You'll earn 20 Happiness by doing that.

Afterward he tells you to stop informing people that you are not from here, as he thinks that was how the previous graveyard keeper was killed.

Getting to 20 Happiness opens up the opportunity to ask some interresting questions about how to get home an the whereabouts of the whole region.

Gunter (Breaking Dead DLC)[]

Update Alert.png see Talk:Gerry. After you unlocked the dungeon by helping Snake with the key, Gerry tells you about a chained up zombie in one of the cells near the dungeon entrance (Also, must be after 19 days in game i.e. your fourth gluttony day). Check out the cell to find Gunter and unlock zombie technologies.

Get Gerry Wine[]

You try prodding Gerry for more information to get back home, but he tells you to return with a stronger drink. To complete the quest you will need Item star 2.png
red wine
(must be Silver Quality) for another 20 Happiness. This can be obtained by growing grapes in the vineyard. Making it yourself by pressing the grapes into juice and aging them in a barrel into wine. Or just purchase some from Horadric. This however is pointless since you get nothing afterwards.

Get Gerry Cognac (Stranger Sins DLC)[]

Wine is apparently still not strong enough for Gerry, who asks you to find him cognac instead. When asked how you're supposed to do that, he asks you to let him think for a minute. Talk to him again for 10 Happiness and he remembers that he and the old Keeper had a stash of cognac buried in mounds between the Village and the Lighthouse, which look like green grass with rocks around them. After digging up several, a cutscene happens with Gerry telling you that you've found a valuable machine worth more than the cognac, but Krezvold interrupts to tell you that you can't dig in the Village unless you're a land owner. Return to Gerry and talk with him for another 10 Happiness as he tells you his plan to open a tavern as a front for digging out the cellar and using the machine, and that you may make some money in the mean time as well.