Graveyard Keeper Wiki

The following is a detailed list of all known enemies in-game. See Dungeon for more info regarding levels and loot.


Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Green slime.png
Green Slime
15Health Melee; -Health10 The Village
Swamp (morning)
Dungeon; Floors 1-4

Green jelly
Blue slime.png
Blue Slime
20Health Melee; -Health15 Dungeon; Floors 5-9
Blue jelly
Orange slime.png
Orange Slime
25Health Melee; -Health20 Dungeon; Floors 10-15
Orange jelly
Behavior Strategy
Slimes are relatively docile enemies that will slowly bounce toward player and lunge at short range. They can quickly kill the player when cornered or overwhelmed. Easy to dispatch when enemies consist of only slimes; focus any others first. Slash once or twice and retreat, while being careful of any not acting in a uniform manner.
Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Black slime.png
30Health Projectiles; -Health10 Dungeon; Floors 9-15 2-5×
Black jelly
Behavior Strategy
Unlike its cousins, this slime is a stationary monster that fires three projectiles in a cone shape - either north, south, east, or west - depending on the player's position. Almost always spawning in a corner, it can relatively easily be dispatched by attacking diagonally, or carefully avoiding the pattern.


Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Giant bat.png
15Health Melee; -Health5 Swamp
Forest (night)
Dungeon; Floors 1-5

Bat wing
Fire Bat
20Health Melee; -Health10
AoE/Trail; -Health5
Dungeon; Floors 6-15
Bat wing
Behavior Strategy
Floats toward player, while swooping in from afar when within range. Will continually attack the player in short range, or after a successful swoop.
Fire-bats leave behind a low-yield trail of embers.
Relatively fragile creatures, with predictable attacks that can easily be dodged. Troubles may arise when in larger packs or with other monsters, though may make dispatching them easier.
Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Giant fly.png
Giant Fly
10Health Melee; -Health10 Dungeon; Floors 3-15 1x Random
Alchemical Powder
Behavior Strategy
The fly spawns in packs of ~5, and will give chase after spotting the player. Its movement speed is on par with the player, and attacks fast, making it difficult to outrun. If they are in a large group, have the flies follow you until you are in a hallway, then quickly turn around and attack. If there is only one or two, simply attack when it moves within range.


Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Iron maiden.png
Iron Maiden
35Health Melee; -Health20 Dungeon; Floors 4-15
Bloody nails

Metal scrap
Behavior Strategy
This humanoid monster runs towards the player on sight, eventually triggering a short-range lunging attack, with a relatively long recovery period. Dodging the attack is not only wise, it will easily allow you to flank from the side or rear, providing 2-3 care-free attacks. Multiple monsters will obviously complicate this tactic.
Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Giant spider.png
Giant Spider
30Health Melee; -Health15
Projectile; -Health5
Dungeon; Floors 7-15 1-3×
Spider web
Behavior Strategy
Will lunge and attack, before immediately bouncing back and firing a ranged projectile. Engaging near objects, tight spaces, or against walls can be helpful. Alternatively, assuming the player has some armor, one can easily press the attack after dodging the initial lunge to great effect.
Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Lightning ball.png
Lightning Ball
20Health Detonation; -Health25 Dungeon; Floors 8-15
Electric powder
Behavior Strategy
This oddity will rapidly move towards the player, and, upon reaching the player, detonate with a one second delay. Once it halts to detonate, simply move out of the explosion's range. It can be killed, though has the same after-effect, making the effort somewhat pointless.


Name Health Points Damage Dealt Locations Drops
Rock golem.png
Graphite golem
50Health Melee; -Health20
AoE; -Health5
Dungeon; Floor 11 2-5×

1-3x Random Alchemical Powder
Stone golem.png
Silver Golem
65Health Melee; -Health25
AoE; -Health10
Dungeon; Floors 13-14 2-5×
Silver nugget

1-3x Random Alchemical Solution
Obsidian golem.png
Golden Golem
80Health Melee; -Health0 Bug?
AoE; -Health15
Dungeon; Floor 15 2-5×
Gold nugget

1-3x Random Alchemical Extract
Behavior Strategy
While definitely hostile, these constructs are usually quite passive, rarely choosing to follow the player and instead focusing more on their area-of-effect spikes. Given their significant amount of health, and fast melee attacks, waiting for them to perform their AoE attack is a good plan before attacking, though be prepared to retreat.


  • Monsters are capable of pushing each other, potentially making it easy to kill multiple Iron Maidens at once but makes the combination of Iron Maidens and Bats particularly deadly.
  • The player's attacks, as well as monsters' with ranged attacks, can hit and destroy certain objects.
  • It is possible for monsters to push items out of the map.
  • Green Slimes will spawn behind the player's house at dawn each morning.