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Alchemy Lab, Workyard

The morgue is one of the first important areas you see in the game. You process bodies here. Regardless of whether you toss corpses in the river, burn them, or bury them in a grave, it is recommended that you process their body in the morgue first. The morgue is where you can find Gerry. It's also here, where you can create and alter zombies to take over parts of your tiresome workload.

Deliveries and Capacity[]

Corpse delivery, the donkey has something to announce Corpse delivery including something else on the road The donkey's carrot box has to be filled

The Donkey.png donkey delivers a Corpse item.pngcorpse daily as long as the number of bodies you have unfinished does not exceed the capacity Morgue Capacity. It is dropped on the road in front of the morgue. After reopening the church, you'll have to put
per Corpse item.pngcorpse into the donkey's box (must be built first) to "pay" for the deliveries.

Bodies count against this capacity Morgue Capacity even when outside the morgue. Once a body is buried, cremated, or tossed in the river, it does no longer count against Morgue Capacity. Once made into a Zombie item.pngzombie on a resurrection table, the body also doesn't count any more, even when it occupies a work station.

Corpses inside the morgue will decay slower than corpses outside. A corpse on a pallet will decay slower than those left on the floor. See corpses for more information.

Corpse Hatch[]

Corpse hatch unfixed, outside and inside

The corpse hatch allows corpses to be dropped directly into the morgue where they will decay slower. The benefit of repairing the hatch is slight so it is often not worth it to repair until later.

Icon Materials Required Energy Notes
Fix corpse hatch Fix corpse hatch
A piece of stone

Simple iron parts

Repair must be done twice. Both inside the morgue and outside.
Corpse hatch fixed, outside and inside

After fixing the hatch, the donkey delivers the corpse directly into the morgue. It will appear directly in front of the hatch. Unfortunately, there is no means to store it automatically onto a pallet to halt its decay completely. At least, the decay is slowed down that way.


Mortuary desk unrepaired Mortuary desk repaired

The workbench, called "mortuary desk", has to be repaired first, before using it. After learning the appropriate techniques, you can put up a lot of different workstations here:

Mortuary workbench.png Mortuary desk
Blueprint Required Materials Size Notes
Repair the desk Repair mortuary desk

Simple iron parts
This must be done first.
Preparation place item.png Preparation place 12×

Complex iron parts

5x4 Requires First slice
Adds 1Morgue Capacity
Preparation place II item.png Preparation place II
Wooden plank

Steel parts

5x4 Requires Anatomy II
Adds 1Morgue Capacity
Embalming table item.png Embalming table
Wooden plank

Complex iron parts

4x4 Requires Embalming
Adds 1Morgue Capacity
Embalming table II item.png Embalming table II 10×
Wooden plank

Steel parts

Advanced conical flasks
4x4 Requires Embalming II
Adds 1Morgue Capacity
Pallet item.png Pallet



Requires First slice
Adds 1Morgue Capacity
Double pallet item.png Double pallet 12×



Requires Anatomy II
Adds 2Morgue Capacity
Fridge pallet item.png Fridge pallet 12×


Complex iron parts


Requires Embalming II
Adds 2Morgue Capacity
Mortuary rack item.png Mortuary rack


Wooden beam
4x2 Requires Embalming
Decorative storage for 25 items.
Resurrection table item.png Resurrection table
Wooden plank

Complex iron parts
5x4 Requires Second chance
Produce zombies here.


Preparation place.gif

(Possible Bug Warning: Corpses that spawned in the graveyard at the start of game may not acknowledge organs or parts put into them, effectively 'eating' the parts with no benefit. Parts can still be removed as normal. If you exhume a corpse with 100% freshness from the right/east side of the graveyard, be wary of trying to improve it via autopsy)

Use the preparation place to remove or insert body parts from corpses or zombies. Each organ has a different effect on Red Skull and White Skull of a body and are required for crafting ingredients and completing quests. Corpse rating impacts Graveyard Rating. For each Red Skull a corpse has, its Graveyard Rating will be reduced by one and a grave's max rating is limited by the number of White Skull a corpse has. A grave cannot have a higher Graveyard Rating than the number of White Skull of a buried corpse. For the full article on how corpse rating works, see corpses. A table of each part that can be removed/inserted and its effect:

Preparation place

Preparation place II
Body Part Effect on corpse ratings Technology
White Skull Red Skull

-White Skull No effect First Slice

+White Skull -Red Skull Softspares

+White Skull -Red Skull Softspares

No effect No effect Hardspares

-White Skull +Red Skull Hardspares

No effect +Red Skull Hardspares

Randomly between

-White SkullWhite SkullWhite Skull to +White SkullWhite SkullWhite Skull

Randomly between

-Red SkullRed SkullRed Skull to +Red SkullRed SkullRed Skull

Important Parts

Important Parts

Important Parts
SurgeonMistake.png Surgeon's Mistake -White Skull +Red Skull None

The number of skulls on a corpse is a combination of the number of the skulls on all its parts, as can be seen once Inquisitor's quest line advances far enough and the cultist perk is taken.

All the randomness of the corpses skull setup comes from Brain Heart and Intestine. However the generation of those is not as simple as the table makes it out to be. And in fact varies based on the stage of the game. For example, at one point during Inquisitor's questline you will start finding Red SkullRed SkullRed SkullRed SkullWhite Skull parts (yes, the table above is wrong there can be a part with 4 Red Skull ). Those will later be replaced by "dark" versions (replaced in spawning that is, the existing items will not change). Also, it would seem that most of the time corpse generation is being balanced somehow, if one part is particularly bad the other two are usually good ones.

Once you have a good preparation table and the surgeon perk it should be possible to start cherry-picking important parts, either by remembering their effects and sorting them into separate storages, or, preferably, by utilising the cultist perk.

You can noticeably unburden your embalming efforts by collecting the better parts and making "frankencorpses" with them. A corpse with best possible variable parts in all 3 slots and both Blood and Fat removed will be only 1 White Skull away from 12. Though considering that best parts are rare it is probably best to compromise.

Also since zombies ignore all Red Skull, it's a good idea to keep parts with both skull counts high for use on zombies.

There is one exception to the regular corpse rules. The body of an ex-graveyard keeper found after excavating the archeology machine in the Talking Skull Cellar has two brains, and no blood or fat.


Embalming table.gif

A corpse or zombie can be placed on the table and injected with embalming fluid to change its properties. A body may only be injected with each kind of liquid once.

Embalming table

Embalming table II
Name Effects Technology

Lye injection
+Red Skull, +White Skull Embalming Liquids

Acid injection
-Red Skull, -White Skull Embalming Liquids

Glue injection
+White Skull Embalming Liquids II

Preservative injection
Halts body decay Embalming Liquids II

Restore injection
Reduces body decay by 50 % Embalming Liquids II

Dark injection
+Red SkullRed Skull Embalming Liquids III

Silver injection
-Red Skull, +White Skull Embalming Liquids III

Gold injection
-Red SkullRed Skull, +White SkullWhite Skull Embalming Liquids III


Resurrection table image.png

A Corpse item.pngcorpse can be placed on the Resurrection table to make a Zombie item.pngzombie from it. You need first to talk to Gunter in order to be able to build the table. To revive one, you'll need 10×
zombie juice
, and - of course - the Corpse item.pngcorpse.