Prayer for repentance

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Prayer for repentance
Prayer for repentance item.png
General Information
Type :
Base Cost :
Copper Coin75

Performing this sermon will provide you with the Repentance effect which increases the number of people which use the confessional in your church during the week. Providing both faith and a story each time. The sermon provides a boost to faith and donations as well depending on the quality.

Sermon[edit | edit source]

Quality Minimum Church Rating Money Donations Faith Effect

Prayer for Repentance Sermon.png
Copper Quality Star.png
10 Church Rating Silver Coin1 +10% x1 Repentance effect.png Repentance: 27:00

Prayer for Repentance Sermon.png
Silver Quality Star.png
20 Church Rating Silver Coin2 +10% x2 Repentance effect.png Repentance: 36:00

Prayer for Repentance Sermon.png
Gold Quality Star.png
40 Church Rating Silver Coin3 +10% x3 Repentance effect.png Repentance: 81:00

Effect[edit | edit source]

Icon Description
Repentance effect.png Repentance: Causes more people to use the confessionals during the week.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Tab Item Produced Materials Required Notes
Tab book.png
1xQuality animation.gif
Prayer for repentance
1xQuality animation.gif