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Prayer for retribution
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General Information
Type :
Base Cost :
Silver Coin1 Copper Coin12
Church workbench

A prayer which increases character damage over several days. It can be crafted at the Desk or Desk II. The quality is dependent on the ingredients and for the sermon to be successful it needs 10Church Rating/20Church Rating/40Church Rating. To unlock the recipe you need to unlock Martial Skills in the technology tree.

Quality levels[]

Copper Silver Gold

Prayer for retribution item.png
Copper Quality Star.png

Prayer for retribution item.png
Silver Quality Star.png

Prayer for retribution item.png
Gold Quality Star.png
Church Rating10 Church Rating20 Church Rating40
Silver Coin1 (+25%) Silver Coin1 (+25%) Silver Coin1 (+25%)
Faith (x1) (+25%) Faith (x2) (+25%) Faith (x3) (+25%)
Retribution effect.png 36:00 min Retribution effect.png 72:00 min Retribution effect.png 108:00 min


If the sermon was successful, the rage buff will be applied over a certain amount of time depending on the quality of the prayer. The base duration is 36:00 minutes for a Copper Quality quality prayer and gets doubled and tripled for Silver Quality and Gold Quality quality prayer, respectively.

(Note: up to v. 1.024 one day was 6 minutes long, hence the buffs applied for one, two or three weeks. Now weekdays are 9 minutes long)

Icon Description Duration Notes
Retribution effect.png You deal additional damage to monsters. 36:00 Copper Quality
72:00 Silver Quality
108:00 Gold Quality



Desk II
Item Produced Materials Required
1xQuality animation.gif
Prayer for retribution
1xBook animation.gifBook