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Q: Church wont give me money[]

I have been playing alot and now that my church is bigger. It wont let my allow my to keep the money I gain from the church. It will show I removed the money but when I look at my money it will not be there. Any idea why this is happening.

A: Sounds like a bug, in which case I'd suggest reporting it to the devs; linky. Having said that, you'd be one of the only ones to report this, so I'd stress troubleshooting this yourself a bit more - maybe attempt multiple sermons, collect several screenshots proving what you're experiencing, etc. Dsurian (talk) 06:31, 4 November 2019 (UTC)

Q: "Sleepy Status": What's it do?[]

If I've been relying on food for energy refills for too long, rather than sleeping, a blue [ZZzz] icon appears near the top of my screen. Being fairly bright, I can deduce that the game is telling me to go sleep, but what are the effects of this "sleepiness"? Faster energy consumption? Reduced energy gains from food? A slow heath bleed? Introduces a failure % in workshop activities with a chance to injure oneself (such as losing a finger to the circular saw)? There's plenty of possibilities. I'd just like to know.

(FYI Devs? These icons would be a great place for some mouseover tooltip text! )

A: It's listed over on the Effects article page, but basically it should be slowly draining energy from max down to ~50E at -1E ticks. So, if you can operate consistently at sub-50E (and don't need to save), there's no particular reason to sleep, and you probably wouldn't even notice the ill-effect. Dsurian (talk) 06:31, 4 November 2019 (UTC)


Where can i go update the new version of the game?

A: It's up to the provider of the game. If you play on PC through Steam, it should be automatic, currently operating at v1.203 ...not sure about GoG and any other PC providers, but if it's not on v1.203, I'd contact the provider individually. Meanwhile, console and mobile releases might have a different numerical version ...might also be best to contact the publisher/developer in each case directly. Lastly, if you pirated the game, don't expect free updates. Dsurian (talk) 06:31, 4 November 2019 (UTC)

Q: Why am I not able to use the sawhorse?[]

New player, on version 1.206 (Windows/Steam), I've created a sawhorse and have logs in my stockpile but am not able to use the sawhorse. There's a sign in front of it, the sign is a part of the sawhorse not a separate entity, and I'm not even able to interact with the sawhorse beyound destroying it. Image AnadianDR (talk)

A: A sign in front of any construct designates that it requires some time/energy in order to be built or put-together. Assuming you have a hammer of some variety equipped, you should be able to approach the saw-horse from it's operating angle (due south) and construct it. If you don't have a hammer equipped, it will give you a prompt saying it requires one. Alternatively, if you can't access the operating angle (ex; you placed the saw-horse directly above another workstation that blocks the southern point), you may be not be able to build it, or operate it if you somehow managed to build it - I'd suggest moving it. Dsurian (talk) 13:38, 5 March 2020 (UTC)
Thank you, I really thought the hammer icon was for destroying it. AnadianDR (talk)

Bug: Farmer stuck at the bottom of my path[]

Hi! My farmer came to my house to tell me that he was proud of his son drinking alcohol and he can't go back to his place. When I try to talk to him he answers that it's not the moment. Can you help or do I have to start all the game again? Thanks xx

Cutscene Freezing[]

On the switch my game keeps freezing on the cutscene with the fisherman at the lighthouse when i go and talk to him.

It happens same to me in PS4

Crematorium unusable?[]

After Gerry makes mention of the crematorium to the south i head there to utilize it. However when i access the crafting bench there, there is no option to build a pyre, just to build a chest. Did i miss something? A story/progression prompt?

There's a 'Cremation' tech you need to research, under the Theology (Tech Tree), splitting off from the grave decor, which unlocks the blueprint 'place for burning corpses'. Dsurian (talk) 15:29, 9 August 2020 (UTC)

Margan abbey family buried there eley[]

David eley

Water source for basement[]

Can You and second upgrade to player well ? After unlock beer making facility for zombi on basement it ofens stops working because it near o lot of water, with only the player can add to trunk

Cannot Enter Cathedral[]

I am playing on the Xbox. I just reached the end of the Bishop and Merchant questline and I can not enter into the Cathedral. I attempt to open the door with the A button as usual but it clicks as if I opened the door but all the ratings from the graves disappear and I am still standing outside the Cathedral. After attempting to enter the Cathedral I can no longer enter any building. I tried all doors and trapdoors to no avail. I then restarted the game, same thing occurs. I also tried restarting the whole Xbox One with the same result. I did notice I was unable to enter the Cathedral after giving Bishop the marble statues but I assumed that was part of the game. Hope you can help with this, been playing 426.3 in-game days. One last thing, I have both DLC's installed as well.

Q: How do I move placed workbenches etc?[]

Hello! I've made a boo boo with the placement of one of my workbenches outside my house and was wondering if there was a "move" function to rearrange your stuff and make it more aesthetically pleasing when you create more stuff/change your mind about placement?

I assumed it would be available with the ' destroy' feature (the proper name escapes me) in the workbenches but I can't find it. Can anyone help me out??

You can not 'move' any workstation, but you can 'remove' it using the blueprint table. This obviously isn't ideal, as you then have to tear it down, and lose half of the invested materials, but it's better than nothing. Alternatively, several workstations have to be constructed before they can be used, and while in this state, they can be removed and replaced relatively easily without penalty. Dsurian (talk) 22:26, 21 January 2021 (UTC)


What happens if you die?

You respawn at Sweet Home. No penalty or sacrifice. People have actually used it as a quick-teleport home when dungeon diving. Dsurian (talk) 05:55, 21 July 2021 (UTC)

Wiki suggestion[]

This wiki is great, and has been super useful. However, it would be great if the item pages would list who you can sell the items to in addition to who you can buy them from. I know that's a LOT of pages to edit, though, so maybe just add one page to the wiki with a table listing all the items and where they can be bought and sold with the prices.

EDIT: I spent several hours making a spreadsheet with this information. I'd add it to the wiki myself if I knew how to, but I'm willing to share the Excel file with anyone who can use it.