Graveyard Keeper Wiki
Basic Information
Location :
Alchemy Lab, Cellar, Dungeon
Role :
Day :
first: every night
later: Envy

Snake is a cultist who spends his time in the tunnels below the graveyard. He hates village residents and talks about ending them. Horadric mentions him in the Royal Stamp quest. The rubble in the tunnels beneath your home will prevent you from reaching Snake until it is cleared. His real name is Seth.

You meet Snake by going into cellar for the first time. A cut scene plays, showing his efforts to get past the gate and access the dungeon. After you meet Snake the first time, he appears every night until you open the door.

Once the door has been opened (with the activated key), he shows up every Envy.


Town Pass[]

At 20 Happiness Snake will offer you a
Town pass
which can be used to get past the guards to the south of the village and access the town.

Royal Stamp[]

At 30 Happiness Snake will give you a
free of charge.

Restoration Tools[]

If you are stuck at 30 reputation start "the necklace" quest for Ms. Charm (see below).

At 40 Happiness Snake will give you
Restoration tools
for the questline of the Astrologer.

Main Quest[]

At 60 Happiness Snake will help you to get the parts for the laser on the town.

Warning: Here comes a spoiler!

He tells you that:

The Bishop has the
Mirror of pride

The Inquisitor has the
Eternal burning coal

And the Merchant has the
Salty fork


Prove You Are the Graveyard Keeper[]

  • At night, find Snake near the closed gate underneath the Sweet Home.
  • Snake does not believe you are the graveyard keeper, he has no interest in you and you annoy him.
  • Return to him with

Unlocking the Sacrifice Zone and Dungeon[]

The Necklace[]

Requires: 30 Happiness with Snake.

  • Select the dialogue option asking about Ms. Charm's
    • Reward: +10 Happiness with Snake.
  • He tells the player that Koukol has it now.

Help Snake with the Ritual[]

After you hand him the
active key
, a cutscene plays where you die trying to get the
Keepers journal
, but just return to your bed. You discover that you are functionally immortal.

Return to Snake. He will attempt a ritual, fail, and then ask the player to help him find a

Once he is given the
, Snake will ask the player to decorate the Sacrifice Zone for the ritual.

  • Build decorations in the Sacrifice Zone to increase its Fear.
    • At the blueprint table, craft all of the available blueprints.
    • Once the two blood fountains are built, make sure they are filled (a "craft" option appears while standing near them).
  • Speak with Snake when the Sacrifice Zone has reached 20 Fear.
    • Rewards: +10 Happiness.
  • Bring Snake a
    Damask sword with gem
    . The player can purchase one from Koukol at night, or craft it themselves if they have unlocked the required technology.
    • Rewards: +10 Happiness.
  • Observe the "ritual" cutscene where Snake kills the player.
  • After respawning, return to the Sacrifice Zone and speak to Snake.

Ambush the Vampire Hunter[]

  • At any time after completing the ritual for Snake, go to sleep, and then wake up.
  • Observe a cutscene where Snake is at your bedside when you wake. Snake asks the player to help them set a trap for a vampire hunter.
  • Deliver
    Wooden plank
    to Snake, who will be located just south of the vineyard on Witch Hill. If the player takes the path from the main road, he can be seen near the giant round boulder.
    • Rewards: +10 Happiness
  • Observe a long cutscene where Snake and the player wait, and then kill the hunter with a boulder.
    • Time will skip forward, but the player will be returned to the weekday and time they began the cutscene at its conclusion.
  • Mine the Boulder to obtain the medallion that unlocks Dungeon levels 11-20, plus
    a piece of stone
    and a Corpse item.pngcorpse with 7 x Red Skull and 3 x White Skull (including two Dark organs).

The Golden Apple[]

  • When you ask Snake about the last task, he will bid you to get the
    Golden apple
    from the dungeon.
    • Rewards: 10 Happiness by this.
    • When you get it and give it to him he will ask if you would like to lick it. If you say yes you will get 100 Blue Tech Point.
  1. Can be found at the end of the last floor (level 15) of the dungeon.
  2. You can also buy it from Clotho for Gold Coin10 .
  3. Or get it by a Woodcutter quest.

The Dark Heart[]

After receiving the
Golden apple
Snake will remember the last ingredient of his ritual, a
Dark heart
. Bring him one, and he will leave to summon his followers. Gerry shows up and hints, that the results of the ritual will be hilarious and not at all what Snake expects.

He returns with his followers and proceeds to summon his father, who turns out to be none other than the Inquisitor himself! After being dramatically reunited, they both give you their treasured possessions. You receive Snake's
Endless notebook
and the Inquisitor's
Eternal burning coal
. (Steam achievement "A father and a son" unlocked)


  • The Vampire Hunter bears similarity to Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the Witcher game series
  • There are hints that Snake is Inquisitor’s son - he was pulled out from burning house and was raised in a Orphanage and Inquisitor says that he never found his son body.