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Save-Scummin'[edit source]

  • From Morgue "if an operation is not favorable it's possible to load and try a different option on the same Corpse"
  • From Corpse "(Because you just saved, you can also attempt more difficult procedures and reload your day if any fail.)"

I see this all over the wiki. It seems that the community is guiding the user to savescum every step so that you get the gold star. Is the the intention of the wiki ? Can a spoiler show/hide section be setup for this information maybe ?

The wiki is a community effort maintained by many users like yourself. Often people find something new about the game and post it without really considering the implications. I have always been of the opinion that telling people how to play, generally speaking, is poor form. That said I try to have a light touch with moderation and deleting user contributions because as an administrator my say really shouldn't be held in higher regard than that of any other editor. For now I will hide references to save scumming on the listed pages until such a time as I can get around to making a spoiler template. Category:Spoilers will be used to mark such pages. Quadrapod (talk) 22:34, 1 September 2018 (UTC)
My two cents (2+ years after the fact) would be that all fan-run wiki's are different, and implement different rules. Regarding save-scumming, while I'd agree it shouldn't be 'promoted', the fact remains that it's something that *can* be done, and should at least be mentioned on the site that's dedicated to reporting what the game is (and is not) capable of. Dsurian (talk) 02:22, 26 January 2021 (UTC)

Corpse Tiers[edit source]

The value of a corpse is generated when Donkey drops it off, and there's a specific in-game mechanic that determines what rating a corpse may have when delivered. After a significant amount of testing, it would appear that the values are randomly chosen from specific lists of potentials, and which list the values are chosen from is determined by how far the player has progressed through the game. Thus, for the purposes of this explanation, each list can be referred to numerically by 'corpse tier', the player's advancement through these tiers can be called 'tier placement', and there must be certain 'triggers' based on activated points of progression (completed quests, accomplishments, etc.) that determine this placement.

Tier Lists[edit source]

These are the corpse tier lists, as far as I've been able to determine. Based on the player's 'tier placement', the game will pull a corpse 'rating' randomly from the available lists. The chosen rating then guarantees certain values for each Important Part (IP), while the IP which receives each value is chosen randomly. Ex; *if* you receive either a 5R/5W or 5R/4W corpse, one of the IPs *will* have a value of 3R/3W, though there's only a 33% chance it'll be the Heart.

Tier 1
Rating IP#1 IP#2 IP#3 Count
1R/2W 1R/1W 1W - 3
Tier 2
Rating IP#1 IP#2 IP#3 Count
2R/4W 2W 2W 2R 6
3R/3W 2W 1R/1W 2R 6
2R/3W 2W 1W 2R 5
3R/2W 2W 1R/1W 2R/-1W 5
Tier 3
Rating IP#1 IP#2 IP#3 Count
3R/5W 4R/1W -2R/3W 1R/1W 8
4R/4W 2R/2W 2W 2R 8
3R/4W 2R/1W 2W 1R/1W 7
4R/3W 2R/2W 2W 2R/-1W 7
4R/2W 2R/1W 2W 2R/-1W 6
Tier 4
Rating IP#1 IP#2 IP#3 Count
5R/5W 3R/3W 2W 2R 10
6R/4W 4R/1W 1W 2R/2W 10
4R/6W 4R/1W -2R/3W 2R/2W 10
4R/5W 2R/2W 2W 2R/1W 9
5R/4W 3R/3W 1W 2R 9
5R/3W 4R/1W 1W 1R/1W 8

Tier Placements[edit source]

Determining which list is available is unfortunately not as simple as 1:1, 2:2, etc. For instance, during the mid-game, there's the chance that the ratings of delivered corpses are pulled from either list 2 or 3 (i.e. 2.5). Likewise, during the late-game, fresh corpses could be from either list 3 or 4 (i.e. 3.5), and attaining a tier 4 placement - where'in the player will *only* receive corpses with a tier 4 rating - appears to be impossible.

Corpse Tier Tier Placement Trigger Max Skull Count
1 1 Inherint 3
2 2 Open the Church; Episcop 6
2.5 Second Witch Burning 8
3 Unknown; Second Church Upgrade?
3.5 Dark Organ tech; Inquisitor 10

Difficult Corpses[edit source]

Upon performing the prayer for repose, the player attains the 'Difficult Corpses' effect for a limited amount of time dependent on the quality of the sermon. This effect claims to increase the number of red and while skulls in freshly delivered corpses. I've long-since thought that this effect was broken, as there didn't appear to be any affect on the corpses I was receiving during the late-game. But, just like the effect's description, this was only somewhat accurate - what the effect actually does is increases the player's 'tier placement' by one spot, which merely provides the *chance* that the player will receive a corpse with a higher skull count. A notable benefit of this would be the potential of receiving corpse ratings from list 4 prior to unlocking the Dark Organ tech. However, the player's tier placement apparently cannot exceed 3.5 even with this effect, which was the predicament I was experiencing. Either/or, it's still subject to random chance, and pointedly lasts a relatively short time; only the gold-quality sermon can make it through all five week-days.

Dark Organs[edit source]

Starting at Placement 2.5 (List 3), the player has the chance of receiving a 3R/5W corpse, which is one-of-four potential corpses that comes with an IP with a value of 4R/1W - this is, for all intents and purposes, a Dark Organ. However, if you have not yet reached the point in the Inquisitors quest-line where the 'Dark Organ' tech is unlocked, this Important Part will appear to be identical to any normal IP. Upon reaching the final trigger, every 4R/1W IP in a corpse - even if it's been buried, or zombie-fied - will be changed into the IP's dark variant. The only exception is any 4R/1W part that has been removed from a corpse, which will *not* be changed into their dark variants, yet will still retain the original value of 4R/1W.

FIN (for now); Dsurian (talk) 02:22, 26 January 2021 (UTC) /// Update; Dsurian (talk) 10:39, 20 February 2021 (UTC)