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Disrepair/Repair Kits[]

"Graves will fall into disrepair over time". How long does it take for a grave to fall into disrepair? I've been playing for 200 days and the only graves that have decayed were the ones that were struck by lightning during Yorick's cutscene. - 22:12, 15 September 2018 (UTC)

Currently at ~750 days with my primary run and, other than the original flair being damaged, and the few damaged during the single cutscene you mentioned, no degradation has occurred. The quote you mentioned could potentially reference a previous state of the game where time passing was a factor ...and it may become a factor again (currently @ v1.031, and the devs seem to keep developing things). Otherwise, there might be multiple future cutscenes with more significant damage, and I'm just unaware of them simply because I made it a high priority to get any red skulls out of my graveyard after that, as the cutscene seemed to target them. Either/or, I wouldn't worry about, nor would I worry about making repair kits unless absolutely necessary. Dsurian (talk) 06:51, 16 September 2018 (UTC)