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Technology points[]

Technology is unlocked by three types of technology points. These points are obtained by different actions, as well as items and study of items. Essential to progress are the study table in the church basement and the science and faith points that are used to study items. Eating cake gives the player a temporary buff that boosts the amount of points earned from studying items.

Red Tech Symbol.png Red[]

"Hand-crafting skills, and your ability to work with materials". Anything involving physical labor generates Red Tech Point points. Actions include operating machines in the farm, cutting down trees, and mining stone and coal.

Green Tech Symbol.png Green[]

"Knowledge about the nature of things, and of nature itself". Anything involving organic materials generates green points. This means cutting down weeds, gathering wood and farming.

Blue Tech Symbol.png Blue[]

"Spiritual knowledge of the immaterial world". Blue tech points are often among the hardest to earn in the early game. Tasks involving the morgue, graveyard, writing and alchemy often generate them but many of these aren't options until later. The best early source of them is the study table. Organs are studied to gain Blue Tech Point as well as gravestones, fences and some alchemical substances. The study table is unlocked after the player gets access to the church.

Another way to gain those points is producing hemp ropes, polished stone bricks, steel parts, conical flasks or advanced conical flasks. Each time you produce one of these items, you gain Blue Tech Point1.

Some players claim that ultimate way to gain them is buying or producing blue techbooks, which add Blue Tech Point25 or 50.

Another viable way is to exchange
A piece of stone
into 5 Blue Tech Symbol.png points by crafting
Stone grave fence
. Afterwards it could be recycled into
A piece of stone
. This is time-consuming, but rather cheap way to obtain Blue Tech Symbol.png tech points, especially after you setup working
Zombie stone quarry

See also: Blue Techpoint Checklist

Study table[]

Once you progress through the main quest to unlock the church and give sermons or upon clearing debris in the tunnels under your home, you unlock the study table. It can be found beneath the church in the alchemy lab.

The study table is used to study items. After an item has been studied it cannot be studied again and you will obtain both technology points as well as possible decomposition products. Organic materials tend to generate Green Tech Point points, inorganic materials (iron, stone, tools) generate Red Tech Point points, and mortuary, graveyard, and alchemy items generate Blue Tech Point points. What an item provides when studied is seen next to the "Study Not Complete" text when hovering over an item.

Studying most items requires
(except most alchemy items) and
can be obtained by holding sermons in the church on Pride or from a confessional.
can be obtained by decomposing paper, notes, chapters, lenses, or books on the study table.


The astrologer sells books and great books, that can be used to instantly gain 25 (standard) or 50 (great) techpoints of one of three colours. Those books can also be crafted by Zombie item.pngzombies on the random text generator.

Technology Tree[]

The technology tree is sorted by related technology branches.

Anatomy and Alchemy[]

I tbranch 1.png Anatomy and Alchemy tree deals with autopsies and acquired organs. Alchemy is unlocked upon speaking to the old woman in the swamp. As you unlock items along this branch, you gain access to better autopsy resources and techniques, alchemical equipment, and products.


I tbranch 2.png Theology deals with the church and graveyard. It unlocks better gravestones and fences to increase graveyard rating Graveyard Rating, new church items and sermons to boost church rating Church Rating with unique bonuses.

Book Writing[]

I tbranch 3.png Book Writing deals with the production of knowledge and science. The early stages of the tree involve paper making and ink but later levels change how you can use stories to create more complex written resources for use in top-tier sermons and crafting.

Farming and Nature[]

I tbranch 4.png Farming and Nature deals with farming and the manipulation of nature. This involves growing crops, fruit trees, beekeeping, wine and beer production, and fishing.


I tbranch 5.png The Smithing tree deals with the processing of iron and sand into metal parts, tools, and glass.


I tbranch 6.png Building deals with processing of wood and stone into wooden and stone products.


I tbranch 7.png Cookery deals with the preparation of various food items.


Spiritualism-book.png Spiritualism deals with the purification of souls.