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Wood cutter.png
Basic Information
Location :
Left of the Camp


From dialogue with the woodcutter we can gather that he was once rich and lived in a mansion, before giving it up to live a simpler life.


A Nicer Axe[]

Woodcutter asks you to bring him an iron axe. If you talk to him again you say that you have a nicer axe and give him
Axe I
, he will reward you with the Lasagna and Pasta recipes.

The Golden Apple[]

After you finishing the Episcop quest "Hold the Ceremony", you have to talk to Episcop one week later to wrap it up. Then go to the Dead Horse which will trigger this quest.

Woodcutter meets you inside The Dead Horse and talks about a golden apple that he's willing to trade. To get one golden apple you must trade him: x24 Roof tile and x4 curtains.