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Making a Zombie item.pngzombie is unlocked relatively early in the game by completing a series of short missions and unlocking the right technologies. You first have to meet Gunter and do his bidding.

Zombie Workstations[edit | edit source]

Most of the stations need to be unlocked by technology. Stations with an asterisk * can be operated by both a zombie or the graveyard keeper (you). There is also one quest where you need to install a zombie as a greeter for the Talking Skull tavern (Stranger sins DLC).

Wood Ore Stone / Marble Crops Alchemy Other
Sawhorse* Zombie ore mine Zombie stone quarry Zombie farm Random text generator* Porter station
Circular saw* Wooden anvil* Zombie stone quarry Zombie vineyard Zombie alchemy decomposer Crate factory*

workbench I*

Anvil* Stone cutter* Zombie-brewery Zombie alchemy workbench Paper press*

workbench II*

Anvil II* Stone cutter II* Zombie-winery Jewelry table*
Chopping spot* Potter's wheel*

The downsides are that you will not get any Technology points from the working zombies. To counter that you can:

Creating a zombie[edit | edit source]

You may salvage one Zombie item.pngzombie at the beginning, but you can also make your own on a resurrection table by using 1x
zombie juice
on a Corpse item.pngcorpse and 10x
. To put a Zombie item.pngzombie to work, simply carry it to the station where you want it to work and place it down when prompted. It's important to note that you cannot create zombie juice(and therefore a zombie) without an Alchemy workbench (tier I), which is impossible to get early game. However, note that 3 zombie juice is also provided shortly after talking to Gunter.

Dispose a zombie[edit | edit source]

It is possible to throw Zombie item.pngzombies in the river or to bury them in the graveyard. It is advised to remove all Red Skull before doing so. Zombies get no penalty from Red Skull but a grave does.

Improving a zombie[edit | edit source]

Zombie item.pngzombies have a stat called "Work Efficiency" that represents how effective their work generally is. This stat directly relates to the number of White Skull skulls, while Red Skull skulls will have no effect. One can modify a zombie much like a regular corpse, as many times as is necessary, either by autopsy at the preparation place or injections at the embalming table.

Efficiency is compared to the player crafting speed. For example a task that take 2s if done by the player will take 20s for a 10% efficiency zombie.

Efficiency doesn't have any impact on transport speed. Thus, it is a good idea not to waste injections or energy on preparing zombies that are going to be used in a Porter station.

Skulls Efficiency Skulls Efficiency Skulls Efficiency Skulls Efficiency
0/1 White Skull 2% 5 White Skull 12% 9 White Skull 22% 13 White Skull 32%
2 White Skull 5% 6 White Skull 15% 10 White Skull 25% 14 White Skull 35%
3 White Skull 8% 7 White Skull 18% 11 White Skull 28% 15 White Skull 38%
4 White Skull 10% 8 White Skull 20% 12 White Skull 30% 16 White Skull 40%

Maximum efficiency can be achieved by the following steps:

There is also a guide to preparing 12 skull corpses.

The order in which these steps are applied does not matter, although you will not be able to apply
silver injection
gold injection
, if the corpse does not have at least 1 and 2 Red Skull respectively at the time. You can work around this by either temporarily replacing other organs or applying
dark injection

prayer for repose
can also be used to increase the chances of obtaining parts with +3 White Skull.